Gift Certificates now Available and Scheduling updates for 2021/2022 - Click for details!

gift certificates

Looking for a gift for someone you love? Massage & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy make wonderful gifts! I offer personalized paper Gift Certificates that can be purchased in person or over the phone. Contact me with questions or to purchase! Here are the details:

Gift Certificates are personalized in paper form and can be mailed directly to you or the recipient or picked up at my office.

You can choose the dollar amount of your choosing or pay for a full session (details can be sorted at the time of purchasing).

You can pay via Venmo, credit card, or cash.

MAILED GIFT CERTIFICATES have a $9.00 Shipping & Handling fee to cover postage via flat rate priority mail and must be purchased by December 15th to be received before the 24th!

In-Person Gift Certificates can be purchased/picked up through December 20th and arrangements must be made in advance.

2021/2022 Scheduling updates

I am currently fully booked through the end of 2021, however schedules do change so if you are interested in being added to my cancellation/waitlist please complete this Appointment Request Form also found on my "booking" page.

If you are ready to schedule a session for January or beyond please complete the Appointment Request Form and note "January 2022" in the comment space and I'll reach out with scheduling options based on our mutual availability.

If you are seeking Manual Lymphatic Drainage Click here.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy has many benefits and many ways to serve your health and wellness. It also has many nuances from practitioner to practitioner. At this time time I AM ACCEPTING LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE CLIENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS/CONCERNS:

You have had a cancer experience and are at risk of lymphedema or experiencing symptoms and need manual lymphatic drainage therapy to manage them.

You have had a cosmetic surgery RELATED TO A CANCER EXPERIENCE such as fat grafting following reconstruction and need support with your healing.

You have been diagnosed with lymphedema or lipedema not related to a cancer diagnosis and need manual lymphatic drainage to manage your symptoms or support healing.

You are post-natal and are seeking lymphatic drainage to assist with your recovery.

You are seeking lymphatic drainage to manage symptoms related to autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, or support general immunity and wellness.



If you are seeking MLD following cosmetic surgery such as BBL, tummy tuck, lipo 360, etc., I recommend reaching out to Linda Hillyard at Lymphatic Wellness and Massage in Williamsville or Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage in West Seneca. Both practices are trained and experienced to meet your specific healing needs.


live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.
- Rumi

I'm a southern girl with a northern heart who found love, life, and professional fulfillment in Buffalo, NY. I am a proud massage and lymphatic therapist, educator, obsessive learner, cancer survivor, and part-time world wanderer. I love what I do and the people I work with. I believe that we can all benefit from human touch and connection and hope to teach the world that massage therapy is available to all regardless of what they are experiencing at any given point in their journey through life and beyond.

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I welcome all women to my practice, but my clients are usually seeking:

Lymphatic drainage and/or education for early stage lymphedema risk & management
Cancer-related post-surgical or injury rehabilitation
Relief from cancer treatment related side effects
Stress reduction and anxiety management
Scar tissue release and pain management



My services

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People seek massage for many reasons. Regardless of your current state of health, massage therapy is available to you. If you wonder if I am the right fit for you learn more about my services or contact me for a consultation.

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My practice

AT THIS TIME I AM NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS FOR ELECTIVE COSMETIC SURGERY RECOVERY. If you are seeking lymphatic drainage following any cosmetic procedure (unrelated to a cancer diagnosis) such as BBL, tummy tuck, lipo-360, etc, I recommend reaching out to Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage or Orthosport Physical Therapy.

IN MY PRACTICE DEEP TISSUE IS NOT THE SAME AS DEEP/HEAVY PRESSURE.  "Deep tissue", as I was trained, focuses on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body and requires a specific focal point such as a muscle or muscle grouping. Pressure does not have to be intense nor painful in order to be effective. I do not believe in "no pain, no gain" and will never advise you to "breathe through the pain". While I'm capable of delivering very heavy pressure it is not my preferred type of work. If you are seeking sports massage or a more intense therapeutic session I may not be the best fit for you.

I CURRENTLY WORK WITH WOMEN ONLY. However, if you are gender non-conforming or outside the gender binary and seeking a safe space to receive therapeutic massage please contact me so we can discuss some options for you to receive the work you need.